Meet Dan Fogler at Comic Con Africa 2024: A Celebration of Pop Culture

Celebrate Comic Con Africa’s five-year anniversary with special guest Dan Fogler, star of “Fantastic Beasts” and “The Walking Dead,” featuring panels, autographs, photo sessions, and more from 26-29 September 2024.

Ruining Your Childhood: Let’s Discuss Finding Nemo

‘Finding Nemo’ unveils a profound narrative beneath its lively, thrilling escapade. Delve into a poignant tale of grief and loss, where Nemo, in fact, does not exist. Marlin’s emotional journey through the five stages of grief unfolds, as he conjures Nemo as a symbol of his insecurities, grappling with the loss of his kin. Pixar’s storytelling prowess shines through, resonating with both children and adults alike, urging viewers to embrace the profound, emotive narrative within.

Don’t Miss #RedFest2024: A Weekend of World-Class Entertainment in Joburg

#RedFest2024 at Redhill School promises a diverse celebration of theatre, music, and arts from 25-28 July, featuring world-class performances, an artisanal market, children’s shows, and a new book festival.

POSDUIF’s New Single ‘Houer van Jou Geheim’ Captivates Fans

POSDUIF’s new single, “Houer van Jou Geheim,” from their latest album “BRANDSTIGTER,” is a captivating story about sharing your soul with someone special, showcasing the band’s artistic growth and energy.

Connect and Collaborate at MINT: Monthly Music Networking in South Africa

MINT, a monthly networking event in South Africa, connects music professionals, offering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and opportunities for musicians, producers, funders, vocalists, and PR experts.

Donald Trump Survives Assassination Attempt at Pennsylvania Rally

Former US President Donald Trump was injured in an apparent assassination attempt at a Pennsylvania rally, drawing condemnation from political leaders and sparking an FBI investigation.

Ruining Your Childhood: Let’s Discuss Dexter’s Laboratory

Journey back to Dexter’s Laboratory, where the boy prodigy’s peculiar escapades unfold within his hidden lab. But what if there’s a darker narrative beneath the surface? Some fans propose that Dexter’s Laboratory is an allegory of his disturbed psyche, with Dee Dee representing his inner demons and Mandark reflecting his insecurities. This perspective, while bleak, offers a thought-provoking reinterpretation of this iconic cartoon. Revisit Dexter’s Laboratory, but beware: your perception may never be the same.

G’Nort: The Cosmic Canine with a Heart of Gold

Unleash your imagination with G’Nort, the unlikely DC hero! A cosmic canine with boundless optimism, humour, heart, and heroism. Dive into his enchanting world!

The Daring Escapades of DC’s Master of Escape: Mister Miracle

Discover the thrilling saga of Scott Free, a young New God whose journey from New Genesis to Apokolips unfolds into a cosmic adventure of escape, justice, and resilience in the vast DC Universe.