Interview: Meet BOX13, A South African Streamer and Content Creator

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In Celebration of this year’s Comic-Con Africa, I decided to have a quick chat with BOX13 in order to get to know him a bit better! He is a Streamer, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer from South Africa. Known for his skills, positivity and killer smile he has taken his online presence to new levels in recent times.

Let’s get to know him a bit better below and give his social media channels a follow!

With a Twitch following of 4.6K and TikTok of 70.3K followers, it is safe to say that you have become a familiar face for many. Besides being a legendary Content Creator, Social-Media Influencer and Online Streamer, who is Box13 and dare I ask, what is your full name, or are we keeping it strictly boxy…? (See what I did there, haha!)

”Hi there I’m Francois Lombard. I’m a 21-year-old South African with a dream to help create and shape the gaming and content creation industry in SA. ”

How did you end up behind the camera? Can you tell me a bit about your own personal history of content creation?

”I have been playing video games since TV box game-days and all the way back with PlayStation and Xbox to PC.  I have always had a passion for games, whether it be for fun or even competitively.
I started creating content back in 2018 with the worst YouTube videos ever, and never took it further, then mid-2019 I started streaming as well as making some videos after work on YouTube.

I thoroughly enjoyed it but couldn’t take it any further due to a lack of resources as well as time. I then eventually stopped in late 2020. Come December 28th, 2020, I came back and started streaming on Twitch, and made a TikTok account where I started with social media. I did the best I could every day after work until august of 2021.

I lost my job due to covid and decided and that it was time, to put all my effort into content and over the past year I am happy to say that I have grown my Twitch from a mere 500 followers to 4.6K and my TikTok account went from 1K to 70K and is still going strong! ”

At only 21 years old, you are making a name for yourself by being, ‘yourself’. The positive energy, the ambition, and the pure joy that you reflect in your videos can be seen from a mile away. What is the drive behind this? Who and what motivates you?

”The drive behind my positivity and the main reason why I am so motivated is that I not only want to succeed in the content that I create, but I also want to make a positive impact in the gaming community and on social media.

I was never the social kind. Always bullied and often looked down upon, however, I always kept smiling because unfortunately in this world there is no positive without a negative…  and we must always learn and adapt to overcome the negative to enjoy the positive.

The reason why I stay consistent and won’t ever give up is that I want to prove those wrong who said I couldn’t do it and as well prove to myself that I CAN DO IT. ”

Can you explain what Twitch Streaming is all about for someone that might not be too familiar with the platform and what it entails?

”Twitch streaming is like your favourite Netflix shows, podcasts, gaming content, events and so much more all stacked into one place. It’s not just that it is interactive it’s a community, filled with friends, family and a place away from the world for people to be informed, entertained and connected. ”

The question might come up from non-gamers, asking “What is so fascinating about watching another person’s gameplay via live streams or recorded videos?” What would you reply to that?

” Watching your favourite content creator live and being able to interact with them is the best part of watching someone play. But it’s not only that… it’s not just someone playing a game. It’s entertaining, fuelled with knowledge and it is interactive, so you actually become a part of that stream and the streamer’s journey and their story and even sometimes become a part of the team behind the scenes. ”

Do you think that watching a stream could provide the same kind of euphoria as for example live action sports?

”Yes, it definitely does and might even do more. ”

Streaming and content creation can really be a full-time job, how do you balance this in your day-to-day life?

”I treat it like my own business I have working hours and a time for everything that I need to do including recording, editing, scripting, and streaming. I keep a daybook on my desk and write down everything I want to do for the day and work from that list.
I usually wake up, get coffee, and get straight to work. I produce my day’s content first and then post
depending on how many videos I made. I then finish within an hour or 2 before it is time to stream.
I’m always active on social media and always making posts. I don’t have a set time except for the videos that I do before I stream since it can take up to 5 hours at a time.

I stream Mondays to Fridays from 14:00 till about 17:00 and then go on with my normal life, which is the normal eat, shower, sleep and repeat! ”

People play games on computers, phones, consoles and in arcades. On what kind of machine or device do you prefer to play games on?

”PC since I do not just use it for gaming but to create content and to stream.”

The controversial question is, are PC gamers superior to console players?

”PC gamers are superior when it comes to Graphics and performance but if you are just playing games for the fun, it doesn’t really matter. ”

What was the first game you ever remember playing and what has become your most favourite game of all time?

”The first time I played a video game was on a box TV with a TV box game playing Circus Charlie, Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

My most favourite game must be BO2 that’s when I started getting into creating content and the online gaming world.”

If you had to live in the world of the last game you played, what world would it be?

”Call of Duty Warzone and damn, I would be having a great time!”

What’s your favourite fighting class: warrior, mage, or rogue, and why?

”I don’t usually play games that involve powers except for Valorant and I would have to say Reyna,
she fits my playstyle when it comes to FPS games, which is very aggressive and offensive”.  

If you could have one power of any video game character, who would it be?

”Sonic The Hedgehog”

Are there any streamers or content creators in general that you look up to and would recommend?

”Tim the tat man
Mr Beast
Faze Mew
Carter Pc
Matty K
…and the list goes on! ”

What is the best streaming advice you can give for a first-timer?

”Don’t let someone else’s opinion affect your vision. ”

Virtual reality (VR) has been gaining a lot of popularity. Are you excited about the potential of virtual reality in games?

”Yes, I think VR gaming could potentially be the future of all games. ”

Are there any upcoming games you are looking forward to that still need to be released?

”GTA 6
The Sons Of The Forest
Warzone 2”

TikTok South Africa has become quite a big industry with more and more content creators flocking to this platform. What would be your best advice for someone wanting to start building up their own platform?

”Niche down, post consistently and have a schedule. ”

What is the next big step for you or your goal?

”I am still a long way to go but my end goal is to become one of the biggest streamers and content creators worldwide and continue to help build the future of this industry in South Africa.”

Lastly, any words of wisdom to the #stayboxy community?

“No Matter How Hard Life Hits You Get Back Up And #StayBoxy” End

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