Howling at the Moon: A Father’s Lesson to His Pup

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On a clear, moonlit night, the silver glow of the full moon illuminated the countryside, setting the stage for a heartwarming lesson between a father wolf and his young pup. The curious pup, gazing up at the sky with wide eyes, inquired, “Daddy, why do we howl at the moon?” Pondering his response, the father wolf spoke with calm wisdom. “We howl at the moon to pay respects to the ball we will never fetch,” he replied, his voice echoing with generations of canine understanding.

Confusion washed over the puppy’s face as he tilted his head. “What do you mean, Daddy? I don’t understand.

With a loving smile, the father wolf ruffled his pup’s fur and began to explain. “You see, son, life is full of things we want but can never have. It might be a ball that’s just out of reach or a dream that seems impossible to grasp. But just because we can’t have it doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge it and pay our respects.

Pondering his father’s words, the pup looked up at the moon once more and let out a soft, heartfelt howl. He joined his pack in honouring the unattainable, and at that moment, he felt a profound connection with his father and their canine family.

With pride in his eyes, the father wolf knew that he had imparted a valuable life lesson to his little one. From that night on, the pup howled at the moon with a newfound understanding and a heart full of love. They might never fetch the moon, but they would always pay their respects to it.

As the night progressed, the father and pup continued their heart-to-heart under the twinkling stars. They discussed other unattainable dreams and goals, but also how to appreciate and respect them. The father wolf shared tales of his own struggles and the lessons he learned on appreciating the journey, even when the destination seemed unreachable.

The pup listened intently, absorbing the wisdom passed down from his father. He began to see life as more than just a series of ball-fetching games – there were bigger dreams and ambitions, things that might be unattainable but were still worth striving for.

As the night drew to a close and the pack snuggled in for the night, the pup felt a deep sense of gratitude for the bond he shared with his father. He knew that with his father’s guidance and wisdom, he would be well-equipped to navigate the twists and turns of life.

As the pack dozed off to sleep, the young pup felt a sense of contentment. He knew he had much to learn, but with his father by his side, he was ready for the journey ahead. Closing his eyes and releasing a final, heartfelt howl at the moon, he knew he would always pay his respects to the unattainable, for it was all part of the beautiful journey that is life.


Shaun Zietsman

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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