Pressures Of Life

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Life is filled with pressures from all sides. When you are born, it’s a race to see when you will start making the right noises, is it mommy or daddy first. It’s a race for when you will start crawling, then when you will start walking, and for the rest of your life, this shall continue.

Will they complete school at the level their parents wanted? Will they be the prefect, the cheerleader, or the sports leader like their siblings?

Life puts pressure on us from conception and no one really cares, because it’s the norm. it is what is expected. You need to get good grades, go to a good college, then marry a good person and get a good job and have good kids. Oh wait, I forgot, you also need to be healthy, have lots of extra activities and hobbies, and killer savings and investments. Then when you think you get a chance to breathe, it means it’s about time for the grandkids and your next chapter of pressure starts again.

Pressure, pressure, and more pressure. We become so consumed by what is right and what is wrong, that at this age, and that age, you should have already reached certain milestones, if you haven’t you have failed. Take for example how we ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. You are asking a 10-year-old what would they like to do for the rest of their existence which could easily be 70 + years. We are pressuring someone who still needs to go through puberty to start to indicate what profession they will one day die in. Are you for real? If the kid somehow does not know, we put pressure on them and force them to do projects in school about what they want to be one day instead.

Life is all over the place. We do not know what will happen next, it’s not fixed in time. It is ever-changing. We should understand that. We should understand that failure should not be measured by a piece of paper with your name on it, or by judging someone for living a happy life instead of a textbook pre-determined life cycle their parents whipped out for them at birth.

You can be 10 and know what you enjoy doing, or you can be 50 and decide to quit your job and live a very different life. Chasing happiness VS chasing societal success. We are individuals. We all vary from what brings us joy and that should become the norm.

We get trained from a young about pressure and how it is to better ourselves, but at what age do we take over from our parents to put our own pressure on ourselves and if we don’t live up to that expectation we crucify ourselves?

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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