Interview: Unravelling Simoné Roets’ Captivating Debut Album

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HERINNER MY, which translates to “Remind Me,” is a rich tapestry woven with heartwarming tales and melodies that tug at your heartstrings. Simoné crafted the album alongside Jattie de Beer from Artistry Productions, with the duo carefully selecting eleven songs that oscillate between acoustic and pop. They aimed to create a collection that spoke to the hearts of those who cherish the Afrikaans language and the stories it can tell.

Simoné’s mother even lent her creative touch, co-writing the tracks “Sondag P.M.” and “Om Elke Hoek en Draai.” Looking back on the three-year journey to craft the album, Simoné cherishes the memories made and friendships forged. She expresses her pride in the final product, a masterpiece where every note, instrument, moment, lyric, and melody is 100% original.

The music video for “Herinner My” is a nostalgic journey through Simoné’s own musical adventures. From her apartment in Brisbane to the recording studio, the video offers a glimpse into her life and dreams. As she continues to pursue music full-time, the phrase “Herinner my aan wie ek is” (Remind me of who I am) resonates deeply with her own story.

Simoné’s love for music blossomed after school, and she quickly became an active member of Hillsong City Campus in Brisbane. Upon returning to South Africa, she embraced her new role as a mother without missing a beat. Juggling multiple hats, she’s involved in church music, legal work, and even works as an F45 fitness coach!

Take a look at my quick interview with Simoné!

Hi Simoné, congratulations on the release of your debut album, HERINNER MY! What was the inspiration behind the album title?

“The first song was written on the project and the start of dreaming about releasing a full album.”

I’m curious, what was the first song you wrote in Afrikaans, and how did it inspire you to create the rest of the album?

“Herinner My, which is why it is also the title of the album.”

The album consists of eleven songs that alternate between acoustic and pop, which one was the most challenging to write?

“Uit Die Stof – it is about losing a dear friend of ours, who was more like a brother to us. I wrote the song for his mother – and it speaks about seeing someone go through tragedy, and the fact that I don’t have answers to why things happen but I am convinced that God restores and redeems daily. He brings beauty from the ashes.”

You wrote some of the songs yourself, others with Jattie, and your mother was also involved in creating two of the tracks. How did you balance creativity and collaboration during the album’s production process?

“I wrote most of it while still living in Brisbane. The collaboration started when I was back in South Africa. There is definitely power in collaboration, but I enjoy writing on my own too.”

It’s impressive that every note, instrument, moment, lyric, and melody on the album is 100% original! What was the most memorable moment during the creative process?

“Chats and coffees during studio time.”

HERINNER MY includes eleven unique and heartfelt tracks. Can you tell us which one is your favourite, and why?

“Sondag P.M – it’s about Sunday blues. I wanted to capture that feeling we all feel from time to time. The lyrics, melody and production works well to tell the story.”

Where can I find and listen to your new album, HERINNER MY, and your latest single, Skete?

“All digital platform.”

You have a wide range of interests, from singing and songwriting to legal work and fitness coaching! How do you balance all of these activities in your life?

“Structured work makes me a better creative and the other way around. I need to do more than one thing to be effective in another.”

What are your plans for the rest of 2023, and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

“More songwriting!”

Lastly, what message would you like to send to your listeners, and how do you hope your music touches their hearts?

“I think there is a song for everyone – just take the time to listen. I appreciate every single person who listens and shares my music.”

Watch the music video here:

The album is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Download it here:

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