JOBURG MOVES Dance Season set to kick off at UJ Arts & Culture

Join the University of Johannesburg’s Arts & Culture division for the Joburg Moves Dance Season, featuring diverse dance performances, exhibitions, masterclasses, and panel discussions. Curated by Lesego van Niekerk, the event aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration, and provide young talent with opportunities to connect with industry leaders. Don’t miss this celebration of Johannesburg’s world-class dance!

Raw and Relevant: Sylvaine Strike’s Powerful Production of Spring Awakening – Review

Spring Awakening, directed by Sylvaine Strike, is a raw and powerful musical that confronts the harsh realities of adolescence. Set in 1895 Germany, the production explores themes of teen suicide, pregnancy, physical and sexual abuse, and the navigation of adolescent sexuality with unflinching honesty. With its exceptional performances, unforgettable musical numbers, and minimalist set design, Spring Awakening is a masterpiece that resonates with audiences of all ages. However, it contains mature themes, partial nudity, sexual situations, and explicit language, and is not suitable for persons under 13.

Why Do We Have 29 February Once Every 4 Years?

29 February, a quirky calendar oddity, only occurs once every 4 years. But why does this extra day exist in our modern Gregorian calendar? The answer lies in astronomical events like earth’s orbit around the sun.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Challenges, Therapies, and Hope

Explore the dynamic world of Borderline Personality Disorder, from its intense emotions and identity challenges to the effective therapies and resilience it can foster. Gain insights into the lives touched by BPD.