A Ballerina With Alzheimer’s Remembers Her ‘Swan Lake’ Routine From 1967

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A truly magnificent, heartfelt video of a former ballerina with Alzheimer’s has been going viral, once again. She recalled the upper-body choreography of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and beautiful starts doing the routine while listening to the music. Heartwarming content is definitely needed in these hardship and uncertain times.

Marta C. González, was a former New York City Ballet prima ballerina, she suffered a severe loss of memory in her old age from Alzheimer’s and soon also became wheelchair-bound.

Numerous scientific and psychological studies have shown that music can lift our moods, combat depression, improve blood flow in ways similar to statins, lower levels of stress-related hormones such as cortisol, and ease pain.

For Martha, all it took was the power of music to bring back her precious memories of the bygone ballet years she once truly enjoyed.

Upon hearing the music so familiar to her ears, Marta is seen beginning to move her arms to dance the routine she did many decades ago.

Sadly, the prima ballerina is no longer with us, and her age at the time of death is unknown.

Sadly, Marta is no longer here, but she left a beautiful legacy that won’t be forgotten for long

Watch the touching and truly heartwarming footage in the video below.

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