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Have you ever found yourself, four hours deep into the weirder parts of YouTube? Well, I stumbled upon a platform that basically showcases back-to-back videos of YouTube clips that has either zero or very few views. is an algorithm that strings together short clips from random YouTube videos and presents them in an endless mesmerizing stream. These videos are only ever a week old and have names like IMG 0007 or DSC 0032—a sign that they’ve been uploaded by someone who doesn’t know how to use YouTube or doesn’t care to change the default name of their videos.

What you see upon visiting features a ton of slice-of-life videos, like people hanging out with their kids, singing at karaoke bars, playing sports, or sitting outside in total silence. There are also a lot of videos of seniors playing guitar, children explaining how video games work, and small businesses showing off carpet-cleaning equipment without any commentary. Think about if your grandparents were uploading videos, without any context or the videos your child might be making when they grab your phone and run for dear life.

Basically… some of these videos make me feel like I am not supposed to be watching them like it can be a little bit too personal. However, it is on a public platform and legitimate videos posted by real everyday people so you basically end up going… “just one more clip?”

The website itself also doesn’t have any controls. It runs on automation, but you can press a button that plays and ends at least.

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