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Stageworx is thrilled to announce their year-end 101 and 102-course showcase ROAR!

This event, highlighting the achievements of students of Stageworx in 2022, will take place at Theatre On The Square in Sandton on Saturday, 10th December at 15h00 & 19h30.

The production encompasses the diversity of creative training that Stageworx offers its students and highlights the work and successes that have taken place for its 101 and 102 students in 2022.

In addition to the ROAR! showcase, Stageworx will also be hosting its Part-Time Showcase and Awards at Theatre On The Square with over 100 students from its Part-Time Program on Friday 9th December.

Stageworx 101 and 102 programs take place over 1 year and teach diversity in artistic training, encouraging students to find sustainable options for creative careers, whilst following their artistic passions.

Taking a maximum of 10 students onto the combined 101 and 102, allows a personalized focus on each student’s aims, objectives, and ambitions. Much of the course epitomizes the use of the arts for social and human development and understanding, as well as assists its students with bridging the gap between training and finding professional work in the creative sector.

Founder and Principal of Stageworx; Gemma Marinus says; “We are living in a very different world to what we were 10 years ago and the pandemic only ignited the need for change within our creative sector. Creative students can now manage to study academically whilst following their passion of performance and our focus is allowing our 101 students to discover all the options available to them before streamlining training according to their discoveries in the 102 course.

Our students have secured a variety of positions including teaching positions overseas, booked touring contracts, secured recording deals, booked an international cruise and hotel entertainment contracts, placements in video and film production companies, scholarship placements in overseas institutions, as well as started to understand how to set up successful creatively led businesses.”

ROAR! is a presentation of performances by the post-matric students graduating from the Stageworx 101 and 102 courses and is directed by the multi-talented Maestro Bryan Schimmel and choreographed by Dillonne Prince, Mullin Krienke, and Sarah Falconer. Bryan Schimmel (also a teacher at Stageworx) also musically directed the event.

Schimmel states; “I have honestly been blown away by this year’s 101/2 group and looking forward to sharing these talents with you – our live audience.

You will enjoy 90 minutes of jam-packed entertainment showcasing the students’ versatility from rich ensemble singing, to powerhouse solo vocals, to original songs, to music and video production, to multi-style dance. Stageworx is about encouraging individuality and harnessing passion and these kids are ready to rock and roar! They’re coming for you.

The Stageworx showcases will take place on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December 2022.

At 19h30 on 9th December, Stageworx Part-Time Showcase and awards, highlighting the work of the Stageworx Part-time Students aged 8yrs – 21yrs with awards presented by leading industry professionals.

ROAR!  – the main event – will take place on Saturday 10th December at 15h00 and 19h30 at Theatre on the Square.

Only 200 tickets are available for each of the three events so book now to avoid disappointment.

Ticket Prices:

  • Stageworx Part-Time student showcase and awards – R100 per ticket
  • ROAR! – The 101 and 102 Performance Showcase – R100 per ticket

Tickets can be booked by emailing Gemma Marinus at  gemma@stageworx.co.za

For general information, email Gemma Marinus on gemma@stageworx.co.za


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