Deidré Barnard Encourages Listeners to Be Themselves With New Single and Video

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Apart from the many jokes made about blondes, humanity has been fascinated by the so-called enchanting beauty associated with this hair colour, and its capability of capturing any man’s attention, for years.

It was such a conversation, about the stereotypes attributed to different hair colours, that inspired Deidré Barnard’s latest single, BLOND IS.

“While working on Die Gelofte, some of us were discussing the stereotypes surrounding different hair colours, especially blondes, backstage. We concluded that when a man talks to a blonde, his attention is not easily divided,” says the singer-songwriter. “That evening, I went home and played around with a few ideas, and that’s how BLOND IS was born!”

This enjoyable pop song, containing elements of rock and produced by Robin Kielly, explores the universal emotions associated with being replaced by someone else.

“On the surface, the song is about someone whose other half is replaced by a blonde, creating the impression that it’s about external beauty and its impact on a relationship. But it’s actually written to capture the feelings one experiences when being sidelined by someone else,” she explains. “When something like that happens, questions arise about why you’re being replaced for someone else and why you’re not good enough. Although hair colour is used as a metaphor, it all comes down to the same thing, emphasizing that sense of loss, betrayal, and the need for self-reflection.”

Johan Vorster was the mastermind and producer of the BLOND IS music video, which perfectly captures the song’s theme and is now available online and on TV.

The video, filmed by Daniel Rademeyer at Orionstraat 165, is light-hearted and humorous, building on the age-old stereotypes surrounding blondes.

It follows the story of a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead going to the spa together. As the story unfolds and they find themselves in different situations, the blonde unintentionally benefits while the brunette ends up on the losing end… until she decides to conduct a little experiment of her own.

Deidré, who shot to fame after taking part in Die Kontrak in 2018, shares: “We wanted to highlight the power of stereotypes and self-image, portraying how fragile and influenced we can be when we are unsure of our true selves. I hope people will enjoy the fresh and humorous approach of the video and that it conveys a message of self-acceptance, self-confidence, and tolerance.”

Because it was shot during the same time as Die Kaplyn musical, many of the actors in the play feature in the video, including Deidré (as the storyteller), JJ Roberts, Révan Luüs, Abel Knobel, Ilán van Staden, and Dihan Kheun. Aimee de Villiers plays the blonde, while the brunette is portrayed by Jackie Lulu and the redhead by Carmen Basson.

“I think it’s unique because the storyline is truly relatable to us as individuals. The end of the music video also has a ‘twist’ that you wouldn’t expect,” she adds.

Watch the video here:

BLOND IS is the artist’ second single release, following the success of her debut single, Beskerm jou Hart. The latter has been receiving widespread acclaim and continues to climb the charts across various platforms and radio stations in South Africa and abroad.

Deidré was born and raised in the Strand and has been singing for as long as she can remember.

Since entering the music industry, she landed a record contract with Inhoud Huis Musiek and had roles in the popular musicals: Die Gelofte and Die Kaplyn, which she considers as major highlights of her career.

Currently she is also working on her upcoming EP, scheduled for release later this year. Furthermore, she is a music teacher, offering singing, basic guitar, ukulele, and piano lessons to elementary school children and individuals of all ages.

Looking ahead, the singer has exciting plans for the remainder of the year. She is thrilled to announce the Beskerm Jou Hart school tour, where she will visit various schools to share her personal story and discuss the importance of protecting one’s heart. Deidre aims to empower young girls through her music and offer practical tips for navigating their daily lives. The tour will include interactive sessions, teaching the song and its choreography, culminating in a video recording for the participants to cherish.

BLOND IS is a catchy song with a profound message that invites you to sing along and will resonate with people of all ages.

“It doesn’t matter who you are; if you feel like enjoying yourself and dancing, this is the perfect song for you! My hope is that it becomes the new theme song for blondes and encourages people to be no one else but themselves,” she concludes.

Get it now on all digital streaming platforms:

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