Embracing Vulnerability with Lizette Volkwyn

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The sun shone brightly on the 19th of August 2023, casting a warm glow over Casa Toscana in Pretoria. Everywhere I looked, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation. People from all walks of life had come together, buzzing with energy, all drawn by one magnetic force: ‘Discover the Power of Being Coachable’ by the dynamic Lizette Volkwyn.

The day’s energy was set into motion by Martin Bester, a luminary in the South African entertainment scene. Not only is he a celebrated radio and television personality with Jacaranda FM, but he’s also the lead singer of the SAMA-nominated band, Kinky Robot. His magnetic presence and spirited song had the audience on their feet, setting the stage for what was to come.

Following this electrifying start, the spotlight shifted to Stephanie Baartman. Beyond her enchanting musical performance, Stephanie is a multifaceted talent. Best known for her role as Bianca “Bibi” Bhele in the kykNet soap opera ‘Getroud met Rugby: Die Sepie’, her versatility as an artist and actress is genuinely commendable.

Then, with an aura that commanded attention, Lizette Volkwyn graced the stage. Her discourse on the essence of being coachable and the transformative power of vulnerability was nothing short of riveting. Every word, every anecdote, resonated deeply, echoing my personal journey with The Something Guy. Her motto, “Expect the unexpected!” and the profound quote, “Life is not to be judged by the perception of yourself, but rather by the experience you feel by living it,” were powerful reminders of the boundless potential within us all.

The highlight of the day was a documentary showcasing Lizette’s journey to singing in front of a live audience. The raw emotion, dedication, and sheer determination were unmistakably evident. When Lizette finally took the stage to sing, the atmosphere was electric. Every note she sang was a testament to her resilience and the power of vulnerability. With her was Stephanie, guiding her while being a pillar of strength, however, Lizette stood well on her own as she belted out the song, showing that sometimes pulling the plug is not an option and persevering can be very rewarding. The applause that followed was deafening, a collective expression of pride and admiration from the audience towards Lizette.

As the event neared its conclusion, Stephanie Baarman delivered a soul-stirring performance, setting the stage for one final surprise. Lizette unveiled her new book, “Triumph in Vulnerability: Vulnerability is the Key to Become Coachable.”

This book is not just a guide but a companion, leading you gently toward self-discovery and empowerment. Throughout its chapters, it uncovers the misunderstood concept of vulnerability, challenges you to dismantle long-held fears and misconceptions, and encourages you to see it not as a weakness, but as a stepping stone to personal growth and self-acceptance. In this book, you’re offered a hand of camaraderie, understanding, and guidance as you navigate your way toward a stronger, more authentic you. Embark on this journey of transformation, and may you emerge with the recognition that your vulnerability is not your weakness, but your greatest strength. For those interested, it’s available for purchase on Lizette Volkwyn’s website.

In every encounter with Lizette, one thing remains constant: her unwavering ability to inspire, motivate, and empower. Her presence is a force to be reckoned with, and witnessing her in person is nothing short of transformative. Each word she speaks resonates deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the soul. If you ever have the chance to experience this dynamo in action, seize it. And to ensure you don’t miss out, follow her on social media. Stay updated, and be among the first to know when her next captivating event is set to unfold.

Shaun Zietsman https://www.thesomethingguy.co.za

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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