Food for Thought: Protect Your Energy

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What happens when you are overworked, and under-appreciated? What happens when you see that things do not change and that the same people who stand by you on a daily basis are actually the ones who get the softest voice when the time comes to speak up and say something?

What happens when you over-deliver on the expectations set out by those around you time and time again and no matter what people might ask of you, you are willing and able to listen and do what is needed?

What happens is that there will be a day that arrives, when you burn out. Your candle’s flame will be dwindling between each breath and you might crash, hard. You might decide to set up some boundaries. To say hey, that’s not part of my problems. That’s a YOU problem. I do not take responsibility for your actions anymore… and what will the people say to you? You’ve changed.

You have changed from the caring person you used to be – because you decided to say no.

You have changed from helping others – because you decided to take on less of their responsibilities.

You have changed, you used to be so much better – because now you are only doing what you are supposed to and nothing more.

People use, they abuse, and when you set those boundaries they get highly offended. From the colleagues at work when you finally decide that enough is enough for those in your family when you stand up and say that you are not allowing it anymore.

Burnout is real. Why do we have to get to the point of feeling like there is no more tomorrow left in us? We think that doing our best, showing others you care, and simply just being YOU, is a good thing. But if you do not receive the same in return, it’s abuse. If others do not go out of their way for you, why are you still doing it for them?

Those that care, will not leave you behind. Those who care will not allow you to be fatigued to the point of illness and breakdowns. Those that care actually will care and you would never have to doubt their intentions.

Be careful of those that you surround yourself with. Not everyone is always your friend. Choose your companions. Choose the energy you surround yourself with. Choose your battles. You matter. Your body, your energy, your soul all depend on you. Make sure you do what is right for you, and not what is perceived to be right for you.

Protect your energy. Protect who you share it with, who you let near you and who you join your energies with.

Shaun Zietsman

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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