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Stevel Marc, is a man of confidence, intelligence, charisma and so much more. Recently he celebrated 21 years of calling South Africa home. Stevel is one of the most recognisable faces and voices in South Africa as well as abroad. He has been involved in numerous campaigns from major clothing lines, to luxurious brands, including some airlines and alcohol brands over the years.

You might know him from BBC One’s Show Noughts + Crosses or perhaps the TV show, The Professionals (with Brendan Fraser, Tom welling and others).

Perhaps you might want to also take a look at Holiday in the wild, Black Sails, Of Good report, Hooten & The Lady and many more! I mean… he has over 41 IMDB Credits… The Man works hard!

Stevel Marc and The Professionals Team

Recently he shared a heartwarming video on social media, celebrating his journey from Jamaica to South Africa, and he spoke about how it started with a mere R500, a bag (that he still has!) and a dream that was fueled by faith and prayer.

When asked why he continues to have South Africa as his professional base, he smiled and said;

“I love South Africa. It’s that simple. The journey so far has been fantastic. There is something profound about seeing what you’ve visualised and prayed for, coming to life. Being able to say ‘I remember when this was a prayer’ ”.

Stevel Marc

I had the privilege to have a quick chat with Stevel Marc, to get to know him a little bit better.

Sit back and enjoy reading my interview with the legend himself, Stevel Marc!

Stevel, let me start off with a bang as there is no other way around this. You are an international model, a celebrated actor with 41 IMBD credits to your name, you are a published author and an incredible photographer. You have the looks, personality, and charisma to compliment all the above. Is there anything you cannot do?

“Thanks for the highlights, lol. I can’t pilot a plane yet. ‘Yet,’ being the operative word. I plan on earning my hours in the near future.”

You recently celebrated 21 years of making South Africa your home. During this time, you have become such a recognizable face (and voice) to so many South Africans. How would you best describe yourself, to someone who has never met you before?

“Ooh, that’s a tough one! Umm… I’m born Jamaican. I’m a thespian, fashion-beauty-product photographer, fashion model, voice-over artist, and entrepreneur. I’m Spiritual, focused, driven, determined, ambitious, a lover of life, health-conscious, and a humanitarian. I love fauna and flora the world over (I have three rabbits, lots of plants, and about 45 exotic fish in my home). I’m a Christian. Career-wise, I’m committed to my craft.”

From being born in Jamaica to living and studying abroad such as in the US and the UK, and calling South Africa home. What has been one thing that you can truly say, is universal in life?

“Love is your compass; love attracts love. When you approach people with love, they can’t help themselves but want to help you. This has become apparent to me with my travels. Choosing love; makes you tolerant and accountable – where you may have reacted in anger, love stops the fight. (I hope that makes sense).”

Being kind, generous, friendly, and full of energy seems to come naturally to you. Your personality is pure “feel-good vibes” – How do you stay motivated and joyful in your life? What brings you happiness?

“Living my truth. Meditating. Prayer. Being consciously present. When you’re present, you can reflect on the past while thinking of the future; thus making it a place of infinite possibilities. This makes you hopeful and at peace; making being kind, generous, friendly, and full of energy – natural.”

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, what genre would you want it to be, and which actor would you love to see play Stevel Marc?

“I’ve never thought of this before, lol. Maybe a dramedy. Whoever fits the role. Regardless”

Is there any specific franchise in the television or movie industry that you would love to get into? Personally, I could see you as a future DCEU star.

“Thank you. From your mouth to God’s ears. Yes! I love both the DCEU and MCU. I’d be happy to represent either.”

Did you always want to be in the entertainment industry growing up?

“Yes! It started with acting in the church plays as a kid and my first pantomime when I was about 12 years old confirmed it.”

Which role that you have played did you like the most?

“I thoroughly enjoyed my role in The Mauritanian. It portrayed everything that I am not. To begin with, Poulson, the character, smoked and is left-handed. It took me out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot from that performance.”

What, according to you, is the best part of your day-to-day work?

“Not looking for a purpose. Living my dream. I am blessed to never feel like I’m at work.”

Do you still get nervous in front of the camera? “Yes, good nerves, and I hope I never stop.”

In Your next upcoming feature, the eagerly anticipated 2-part mini-series Theodore Roosevelt, you portray the role of Booker Taliaferro Washington. An American educator, author and orator who became one of the most prominent leaders of the African American people in the late 19th and early 20th century. Was there anything about this role that you found challenging or even surprising during the filming process?

“Every role is challenging especially when you’re portraying a prominent and influential person. Everyone will have their idea on how that person should speak and look. I chose to follow my instinct and the way his words made me feel. What surprised me was how much he did, wanted, and cared for his people. His ideology opened the door for change.”

What do you think the audience would be thinking after watching this mini-series?

“It’s a thought-provoking docu-series that will leave you looking within and appreciating the freedom we enjoy on certain things today.”

The character of Booker T Washington is such an icon and important role. The emphasis on the history of him and his tremendous value in creating a better society for African American people, and in general the world, is of such significant importance. Was this a role that you were eager to play?

“Absolutely! Precisely because of everything you’ve just mentioned.”

We live in a society faced with so much negativity and discrimination that comes in various forms. From racially charged attacks to xenophobia, our daily lives are still impacted. What message would you like to give communities or even individuals being targeted by a notion that they are not good enough or not allowed certain things purely because of someone else’s preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong?

“No form of abuse is ever acceptable as it infringes on the rights of the next individual. Sadly, many of us are living through these indifferences today. But as you said, it’s someone else’s preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong, so as an individual, you must choose your life, your truth. It is everyone’s responsibility to be more knowledgeable and tolerant of each other. Choose love.”

What did you take home from playing Booker T. Washington, that you will forever cherish?

“To be tenacious and believe in myself.”

What would your words of wisdom be for someone reading this, that might be getting ready to pack their own bag and take a chance in life?

“Step out in faith with what you have and hold onto the dreams of what you hope for.”

You are truly an international star, but luckily, we still get to celebrate you locally first, from being ‘Vuyo’ in the 1Magic drama series “Unmarried”. The shows “Lockdown” and “uBettina Wethu” – You are an inspiration. Stevel Marc, I cannot wait to see what blessings are bestowed upon you next, and I fully believe that this is only the start of your (already) amazing journey. Thank you for spending some time, answering some questions. This has truly been appreciated.

Therefore, all I can say is… Mi a leff, inna di morrows. Shine bright brother. Shine bright!

“Lol! That’s awesome! Look at you speaking Patois; mi luv it, Mon! Big up yuhself, mi breddren! This was a really enjoyable interview. Thank you for your kind words. I’m truly humbled. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to our next interview.”

You can catch Stevel Marc in action on television screens globally, in the anticipated 2 part mini-series, Theodore Roosevelt, with Leonardo Dicaprio being just one of the Executive Producers.

Already available on The History Channel. The two-part premium documentary Theodore Roosevelt will explore the breadth and depth of one of history’s most interesting men—a cowboy, soldier, statesman, conservationist, adventurer, reformer and author who suffered profound personal loss and became at age 42 the youngest president of the United States, having a monumental impact that is still felt today.

Watch The Trailer Here.

If you have missed the award-winning The Mauritanian at the cinemas, I suggest you definitely check it out too! Stevel Marc performed alongside the mighty Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley and Tahan Rahim. Available now on PrimeVideo in South Africa (Amazon Prime for international viewers)


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