Local Talent’s Shining Moment at the 13th International Arts Talent Showcase

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There are those magical moments in life when stars align, and destiny beckons. The International Arts Talent Showcase (IATS) is that celestial body, designed to change lives and provide platforms for local talent to soar to unimaginable heights. With its roots deeply entrenched in nurturing and identifying local talent, IATS has become synonymous with creating career opportunities not just locally, but on a global scale as well.

Imagine the excitement and euphoria when this year’s event unveiled a staggering scholarship award of $1,026,750 for aspiring talents! The recipients are set to further their studies at the prestigious AMDA College, a revered institution that’s played an instrumental role in sculpting some of the most renowned names in theatre, film, and television for over half a century.

The essence of AMDA lies not just in creating professionals but in moulding those who take life by the reins, forging their distinct career paths. This very philosophy mirrors the IATS ethos. Elsubie Louwrens, Chairperson and CEO of 33 and Me Talent Agency and the luminary Producer of IATS, eloquently encapsulates this sentiment. “Success isn’t about waiting,” she opines. “It’s about crafting your path with dedication and tenacity.”

Elsubie’s journey is testament to this philosophy. Hailing from a trailer park in the Eastern Cape, she turned adversities into stepping stones, saving every hard-earned penny to chase her dreams in Johannesburg. Her determination saw her shine brilliantly in national television series such as Binnelanders and Egoli, including cinematic stints in Bollywood and the popular Leon Schuster’s Mr. Bones 2, among others. Through her ascent, she nurtured humility and an undying zeal to uplift others. Armed with a treasure trove of industry insights, Elsubie’s mission has always been clear: empower the youth, instil confidence, and echo the belief that their voices truly matter.

For 13 enchanting years, IATS has been the fairy godmother for countless aspiring talents, converting dreams into tangible successes and setting the stage for tomorrow’s icons in film, fashion, and entertainment. This year, IATS went a step further. They have ventured into the glamorous European fashion market, courtesy of a budding partnership with the European Model Showcase Paris. This prestigious alliance witnessed the presence of the co-directors, Genevieve Glenn and Deborah Lasher, both keen to discover the gems that the country is brimming with.

The fashion sphere at IATS witnessed more shimmer with the inclusion of stalwarts like Elite Miami and Wilhelmina in their esteemed fashion placement panel, thus broadening horizons for local models. If that wasn’t enough, the owners of Manikin Agency graced the event, handpicking models for a spectacular showcase at Greece Fashion Week. And, adding the cherry on top, Elsubie unveiled her alliance with World Fashion Week Dubai, an event scheduled for November 2023.

However, the showcase wasn’t just a paradise for models. Singers found their spotlight too, with Grammy-nominated Producer Tedy P, Blaze Johnson of The Voice America, and Nate Butler, Casting Producer for hit shows like America’s Got Talent and X Factor USA, gracing the event. Their praises for the talent on display were unequivocal. Johnson found the talent showcased this year to be “probably the best I have ever seen.” Tedd P shared the sentiment, expressing his awe at the “driven, ambitious and motivated performers.”

Held at The Venue in Melrose Arch, IATS was nothing short of a dazzling spectacle. With every passing year, it reinforces its commitment to showcasing talent, offering unparalleled opportunities, and bolstering the belief that international success is well within reach for local stars.

Shaun Zietsman https://www.thesomethingguy.co.za

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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