Longing for Love: Joss Austin and Baker Grace’s “Missing You” will take your breath away

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Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting new single, “Missing You,” from South African pop star Joss Austin and American singer-songwriter Baker Grace. The two artists, both signed to Riveting Music, came together to create a song that perfectly captures the feeling of longing for a lost love.

Pictured: Single cover art for ‘Missing You’

Baker Grace, known for captivating international audiences with her solo releases, had been wanting to collaborate with Joss Austin for a while. “I wrote this song in LA with a duet in mind and knew Joss would be amazing on it. His verse definitely exceeded my expectations,” says Baker.

Joss Austin, who has had multiple hits across local radio and worked with some of the biggest names in the music business, signed to US label Riveting Music just over a year ago. He was thrilled to finally be working with Baker, saying, “Out of all the collaborations I’ve done, this has been the one I am most excited for. Baker is not just an incredible songwriter and singer but works really hard at all other aspects of being an artist and so I really respect that about her.”

The recording of the single took place with Baker in the US and Joss in Durban, making the development of the song an interesting process. With the tough time difference and working in separate locations, both hardworking musicians and their incredible team involved, delivered a single that is a pop work of art.

“Missing You” carries the feel of an upbeat pop song, but conveys the longing for a lost love. “’Missing You’ was inspired by the feeling of regret,” explains Baker. “I tend to let people go too quickly. It is a breakup song but it’s also a reminder to hold the people you love close and to not wait till they’re gone to realize how much they mean to you.”

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The Music Video for ‘Missing You’ is released alongside the single. The creative on the video is simple but thoughtful, Joss and Baker are on other sides of the world, missing each other and expressing it through performing to each other across the ocean. What is also special about this video is that two filmmakers were oceans apart as well with Kyle White from South Africa filming Joss’ scenes in Durban and Jamar Harding in Los Angeles for Baker’s scenes in Malibu.

“The song is so beautiful and simple that we wanted the video to have the same purity and emotion,” explains Baker. “When I heard ‘Missing You’ I immediately got a sunset vibe. I think the sunrise and sunset are perfect times for self-reflection and this song is a moment of self-reflection.”

“Missing You” sees two phenomenal singers and songwriters collaborate on an enchanting single that is sure to leave you yearning for more. So don’t wait any longer, press play and experience the magic of Joss Austin and Baker Grace’s collaboration.

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