Queen Elizabeth II: London Bridge Is Down. What Will Happen Next?

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London Bridge Is Down, The Queen has passed away. What will happen next? Firstly operation “London Bridge” will go into effect. This is the protocol that was code-named, initially, it was a secret but over the last few years numerous reports have mentioned the code name and the world has been preparing to hear these words being uttered.

Behind the scenes, events will now unfold with the clockwork precision of a military operation. Her death has been prepared for, just like those before her and those that will come after her. It’s crucial that the chain of communication is followed exactly as planned to control the dissemination of information throughout first the British government, and then the world.

The Queen’s private secretary would have directly informed the prime minister and the privy council office, which liaises between the monarch and the government. The Queen’s private secretary would have used the code words, “London Bridge is down,” and with those words, the world has been changed forever.

The prime minister will then host urgent calls with the cabinet secretary, the most senior civil servant, and the senior cabinet. 

The Foreign Office will then inform the 15 governments where the queen is head of state and the 39 nations in the rest of the Commonwealth, an association of independent former colonies where she remains a symbolic figurehead, to let them know of her passing.

Once this has been done (The really important people persay), then the rest of the United Kingdom will be informed, as well as the world. Just like other major historical events. I am sure you will remember for the rest of your life where you were when you were informed of the news.

The Palace will send a press release to the media, and regular programming will be interrupted to read the announcement in the UK. I am sure many other nations will do similar. A notice will also be placed on the gates of Buckingham Palace, and the royal staff will don black armbands as a symbol of mourning.

Since its modern times, the official Royal website Royal.uk will also serve a notice on their homepage, and the queen’s social media will go black immediately. This will most likely include the website itself.

The gov.uk website, along with all other social media pages from the government, will portray a black banner. New content will not be published unless it is urgent, and retweets as a whole will be banned unless they are approved by the government’s head of communications.

Now keep in mind, everything you have read thus far. Needs to be done precisely and at a tremendous speed to ensure accuracy and no false/fake news are distributed.

The press across the world also have their own plans in place.

Most press, especially the British tabloids have had their obituaries and news stories in place for years. This might sound a bit grim, but in reality, preparation was needed. It makes sense to prepare for what happens if the Queen passes. Coverage of the Queen’s death and funeral will be even more important for the tabloids.

National flags will be immediately flown at half-mast on all government and civic buildings, such as churches and the Royal Palaces across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This should have happened within ten minutes of the notification of her death.

In the immediate hours following the announcement of the queen’s death, official gun salutes will be arranged in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, and other saluting garrison stations.

In addition, bells will toll in churches around London. Westminster Abbey’s famous tenor bell, rung in the event of royal deaths, will be heard; as on most solemn occasions, Westminster’s bells will be muffled. St. Paul’s Great Tom will toll as well. Businesses, theaters, and some sporting events may close or be canceled. The nation will enter a period of mourning before the funeral.

Prince Charles will immediately become king

The moment the queen dies, Charles becomes the sovereign. Although there will be rituals and ceremonies aplenty, Prince Charles doesn’t need any of that to actually become king—that happens instantaneously. The code name for Charles’s accession to the throne is Operation Spring Tide. Once the flags have been lowered and the cannons fired, marking the queen’s death, the prime minister will hold his first audience with the new king. To ensure a smooth transition to the new official head of state, all members of parliament will gather to swear allegiance to the king.

Several rituals will take place to solidify the new monarch’s position. On the evening of the [queen’s] death, the new king will address the British nation while the world will also watch.

Prince Charles will also be expected to pick his name. Like with the tradition in British monarch, just like Queen Elizabeth’s father did. The King chooses a name that he will be known for during his ruling. King George VI was previously known as Prince Albert for example. There has been lots of speculation on what the Prince (Now King) will call himself. Many suggest he will continue with the name Charles but some do suggest he will also take on the name George after his grandfather or Phillip, after his father.

Queen Elizabeth II revealed her “sincere wish” for Duchess Camilla to be known as “Queen Consort.”

King (Charles) will also be expected to tour the home nations when he becomes king. This is even before his mother’s funeral, as he is only allowed a short period of grieving. It must be a difficult task to do all that while grieving your mother, but Charles has been training for this moment his whole life

The Queen’s coffin will also be open to the public and will be moved to Westminister for the public viewing of her casket at Westminister Hall, where she will lie in state. The military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall will be lined with thronging crowds wishing her a final farewell. It is likely that the number of mourners paying their respects as she lies in the state will be in the hundreds of thousands, with many waiting hours to walk past her coffin. The Queen will also have a state funeral. After the funeral at Westminster Abbey, the queen’s body will be brought home to Windsor Castle outside of London, where many members of the royal family over the centuries have been buried at St. George’s Chapel.


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