Short Story: The Friends Who Weren’t Real

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Once upon a time, in a world of pure imagination, two best friends named Bob and Jerry discovered they were not real. They had always assumed they were just like everyone else, living their lives in their quaint little town, going to work and school, and hanging out on the weekends. But one day, they stumbled upon a hidden portal that revealed the truth: they were just characters in a story, created by a whimsical author with a love for the absurd.

At first, Bob and Jerry were devastated. They had always believed they were in control of their own destinies, but now they realized they were just puppets on a string. But as they started to come to terms with their newfound reality, they also began to see the humour in their situation.

They decided to embrace their fictional status and have some fun with it. They started playing pranks on the other characters in their town, like turning the town square into a giant slip-and-slide or making it rain jellybeans from the sky. The other characters were confused and amused by their antics, and Bob and Jerry quickly became the life of the party.

But their newfound fame and popularity also attracted the attention of the author, who was not amused by their mischief. The author tried to put a stop to their hijinks, but Bob and Jerry were too clever for her. They outsmarted her at every turn, and even managed to convince her to let them have their own spin-off series.

In the end, Bob and Jerry proved that just because they were not real, it didn’t mean they couldn’t have a real adventure. They proved that the best way to make the most out of life, no matter how absurd it may seem, is to always keep a sense of humour and to never take yourself too seriously.


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