Take Care Of Yourself, Set Those Boundaries

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Why is it that when you set personal boundaries people get so highly offended? Is everyone out to get you? Were they not taught personal space themselves?

The attitude of yes you can, and always on standby can seriously affect your mental health. It is great to be available and to always try to assist others, but when it occurs and becomes detrimental to your own well-being then it is no longer that great.

From making people coffee every morning, to leaving everything you are busy with because a friend or a work colleague is in need of your help. These things can pile up. Exhaustion is real. We all need our own personal space but we all do not know how to ask for it. Or if you are like me, you tend to feel slightly guilty about saying no.

Personal space and “me” time are just as important as how you might deem helping others would be. Have you ever really wanted something, but instead you opted to agree with the crowd or the other person? Getting the second-best option because you always give in so that they can have things their way? Sometimes it’s because you want them to be happy. Other times it is because you simply are so fatigued that you do not have the strength to try and sway the vote in your favour.

It is important to remember though that you do not have to always make other people comfortable at your expense. Setting healthy boundaries is important. If people do not want to respect those boundaries, it says a lot more about them than it does about you.

If you work hard every day, you might need some alone time at home to recharge. Saying no to your friends or your partner can be a good example of a healthier boundary. You don’t always have to go out with people. You don’t always have to watch what they watch.

You are important too. You are really important actually. If you are worn out, borderline breakdowns then your mental health isn’t going to be winning any awards sadly.

Plus, setting boundaries with the people in your life can also be educational. Some people need to learn how the printer works, how to make that meal, how to spend alone time with themselves. We are all built differently, that’s what makes us beautiful. So do not treat everyone and yourself equally. An across-the-board approach is not always the best.

Take care of yourself. Then take care of those you love around you.

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