The Deadly Botched Exorcism of Kennedy Ife

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When you hear the word exorcism, your first thoughts might go to the movies. Movies such as The Conjuring, The possesion of Hanna Grace and The Excorcist has been around for a while showcasing exorcism being performed to get rid of evil spirits or demons possessing a host.

These movies would typically attract a certain type of crowd that enjoy horror and frights and don’t mind the blood-curling screams or things that you might start to see in the side of your eyes as your paranoia starts building up during the film.

But this story, is not a horror movie made by Hollywood. This is the real life story from August 2016 that occurred with the 26 year old Kennedy Ife, from north London.

Kennedy started acting strange one morning and became quite aggressive after complaining about a pain in his throat. He reportedly acted out and even bit his father, proceeded to threaten to cut off his own penis and complained of a snake-like creature inside of him before his family was eventually able to restrain him to his bed with cable ties and quite a bit of excessive force.

His family then believed that an exorcism was needed, that he really was not fine and proceeded to attempt to ‘cure’ Kennedy through restraint and prayer over the next three days. The family fully believed that a demon was inside him, something that was not from this world and that it was trying to kill him from the inside. His brother said the restraining of Kennedy was needed as he would either harm himself or the people in their family that were trying to assist.

After three days being bound to a bed without any medical attention his brother finally opted to call emergency services. He proceeded to explain that Kennedy was complaining of dehydration as well as having developed breathing issues. Sadly, that day he was pronounced dead at 10:17am.

Kennedys brother Colin Ife proceeded to try and carry out an attempted resurrection through chanting and prayers. All seven of Kennedy Ife’s family members were accused of manslaughter, false imprisonment and causing the death of a vulnerable adult.

The post mortem examination revealed that Kennedy had over 60 wounds including a possible bite on his body. Kenneth Ife, 64, his wife Josephine Ife, 56, and five sons Colin, 26, Harry, 32, Roy 33, and twins Daniel and Samuel, 20, denied being responsible for his death.

Kenneth Ife, the father told the Jurors during the trial that he ordered his sons to take shifts and gave them permission to use overwhelming force to restrain him but insisted that he was not associated with cults, occults or any kind of secret societies and that that did not play any role in his death.

Four days later after extensive jury deliberation, all seven family members were cleared of charges on March 14 2019.

Sometimes real life exorcism or religious practices to ‘cure’ someone is far different from what Hollywood might show you. The fact that the family was cleared from the charges is also something that brings up many questions. I don’t think anyone will really truly know what happened behind their closed doors of their seven bedroom mansion of a house… except the family themselves.

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