The Encanto Theory

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Spoiler for if you have not seen the movie yet, do not read further.

Encanto is a unique story about a family that shows the consequences of the pressure to perform. Although each family member handles it differently, they all struggle to live up to the expectations put upon them by their Abuela Alma Madrigal to maintain the magic in their home. However, one of the family members, Mirabel, doesn’t have powers gifted to her by their Casita, she can see the damage being put on her family and tries her best to fix it.

This is why I believe Mirabel was never supposed to get a gift.

Whenever a family member comes of age, they are granted a door by the house and a magical ability used to better the home and the community. For example, Mirabel’s sisters, Luisa and Isabella, have super strength and can grow any kind of plant. Mirabel however is the only one in her family that didn’t receive a gift at her ceremony, which devastated the entire family, including herself… I mean, her Abuela kept saying that that is what makes you special right? Well, I believe that she was never supposed to get any kind of gift, as she is destined to be the next leader of her family as well as the village. She is meant to become the next Abuela basically.

In the movie, Mirabel can communicate with the house, a trait that other individuals do not seem to have except for Abuela, the only other person without a physical visible gift. The house is also clearly reacting to her emotions, when she is anxious the house can crack, when the house was falling apart the house could push everyone outside but yet, the house still kept her in there and continued to try and assist Mirabel to try and get to the candle. Plus when she is happy, the house seems to be in a pretty good space altogether.

Also, think about the layout of the house. Who has a room exactly opposite Abuela? That’s right, Mirabel. Mirroring each other.

Mirabel is destined to take over from Abuela, she was the only one that could re-unite her family and bring them all back together again. She is definitely the next leader of the village.

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