The One Question To Ask On a First Date

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I’m here to share a cheeky little secret with you about first dates. We all know that they can be a bit nerve-wracking and filled with those cringe-worthy awkward silences. But what if I told you there’s one question that could reveal everything you need to know about your potential significant other? Ready for it? That magical question is: “How do you feel about cats?”

Now, you might be thinking, “Hold on a minute, what on Earth do cats have to do with my dating life?” Well, my friend, let me enlighten you. Cats, you see, are rather independent creatures that don’t require constant attention and affection. They like to do their own thing, and they’re perfectly content with a little alone time. And when they do want attention, they’ll come to you on their own terms. This is a trait that should be highly valued in any potential partner. No one wants to date someone who’s clingy or overly dependent, right?

But wait, there’s more! A person’s opinion on cats can also indicate their attitude towards compromise in a relationship. Someone who doesn’t like cats may see them as aloof or stubborn and may not be too keen on making compromises. On the other hand, someone who adores cats understands that it’s important to give space, and also knows how to compromise and finds joy in little things.

And if you think that’s all there is to it, think again! A person’s view on cats can also say a lot about their sense of responsibility. Cats require care and maintenance, such as feeding, grooming, and veterinary check-ups. If your date is willing to take on the responsibility of caring for a cat, they’re likely willing to take on the responsibility of a relationship as well.

So, before you go on your next first date, remember to ask “how do you feel about cats?” It may seem like a small question, but it can reveal a lot about your potential partner’s independence, attitude towards compromise, and sense of responsibility. And who knows, you might just find that you have a fellow cat lover sitting across the table from you.

The question “how do you feel about cats” is not just an innocent question, but it also can indicate a lot of valuable information about a person’s personality, such as independence, compromise, and responsibility. It may seem small, but it can reveal big things about the potential partner. So go forth and conquer the dating world, armed with your newfound feline knowledge! And remember, sometimes the most playful questions can reveal the most purr-fect answers.


Shaun Zietsman

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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