This Is How You Can Track Santa This Christmas

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Santa is a busy man. He is currently working ridiculously hard trying to sort out all the presents. However, we are all curious about how his operations in the north pole work, and we all want to track him to see when he shows up at our doorsteps. Below are some ideas for you (and the kids) to try out.

First up: Norad Santa! (The North American Aerospace Defense Command)

With Musical albums to put you in the Christmas spirit to actual tracking and a live chat. Perfect for you and the kids and extremely educational at the same time.

  • You can watch movies about Santa
  • Play a new arcade game every day
  • Listen to Santa’s favourite songs
  • Learn about his magical sleigh in the library section
  • and you get to learn more about NORAD


NORAD even provides detailed questions about Santa and his sleigh, including some technical data like below.

I wonder if Santa is also reading this right if he is… Hi Santa! “eek!”

Next up: Google Santa Tracker

With animation moving about, music that is cheerful, and simply so much to look at and do, this is sure to keep the younglings busy this festive season (and might drive you slightly mad, slightly being the keyword… )

It encourages playing in teams, or by yourself and also has a variety of games that changes on a regular basis keeping it fresh.

Filled with Christmas spirit and perfect explanations of how Santa travels, it is highly recommended for you and your kids to go through.

What excites me the most about the Google version, is that it also teaches code in their code lab. So not only do your little ones get to play, but they also get to practice real-life coding skills. Double win!

So whether you want to build your own Elf, or take a selfie with Santa or even build a snow box in 3D. Google has you sorted with the Santa Tracker.

See how Santa is getting ready Here!

Still, need to send Santa your letter? Well, you can Email it at – he is still accepting those late entries!

  • You can also peak into what Santa is doing via the Santa Webcam!
  • Plus on christmas eve, you get to see a Video from Santa’s big flight.
  • Where Santa Clause stopped last
  • Where he is going next
  • You can watch the Santa Claus cookie Cam
  • Get Live naughty and nice list updates
  • and much more! is filled with lots of Pictures, Jokes, Reindeer themed applications, and other fun things. Quite fun to check out, especially on Christmas eve.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas day with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.

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