UJ Arts & Culture Presents ‘1001 Nights’

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Ah, the allure of theatre! The stage lights, the drama, the artistry of performance, and the ethereal feeling when a tale transports you into another world. UJ Arts & Culture is setting the stage ablaze with its upcoming theatrical marvel, ‘1001 Nights’.

In the renowned Keorapetse William Kgositsile Theatre at the UJ Arts Centre, from the 23rd to the 28th of October 2023, an enchanting story awaits. Written by the esteemed playwright Ismail Mohamed and brought to life under the meticulous eye of Jade Bowers, UJ’s resident director, ‘1001 Nights’ promises to be a theatrical treat for the soul.

Now, for those familiar with the legendary tales from the classic 1001 Nights, you know the magical ride you’re in for. And for those unfamiliar – oh, are you in for a revelation! This production is a fresh, sparkling reimagining of the timeless tales from the Arabian Nights. It weaves together stories spun by the young Queen Shahrazad, set against the dramatic backdrop of King Shahrayar’s palace.

Rooted deeply in the prolific history of the Middle East, the narratives of the Arabian Nights encompass influences from a variety of literature sources including Arabic, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Persian, and Mesopotamian. The goal? To ignite conversations around history, faith, and our collective human journey, while encouraging unity and understanding amongst communities.

The play is a proud successor to multiple productions moulded through the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture’s Interdisciplinary Theatre Programme. Here, bright-eyed second-year students from all over the faculty come together, forming interdisciplinary teams, facing the challenge of designing and conceptualising various facets of a theatrical presentation. Previous wonders from this programme, such as Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the South African musical sensation Hlakanyana, have already made their mark, clinching numerous Naledi Theatre Awards.

So, why just read about it? Experience the magnetic charm of ‘1001 Nights’ for yourself! Secure your seat today.

Tickets are up for grabs on Plankton, priced at R80 for registered students and R100 for the general audience.

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