Why do we associate dogs with sticks?

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Anyone alive today has two associations, regardless of their age, their race, or their geographical location. That is that Cats are associated with mice. Dogs are associated with sticks. Cats I can fully understand. Tom and Jerry, the cat chasing the mouse. a Cat has a natural instincts which is to catch rodents. For centuries people have kept them around as a pest control measure with minimum effort.

Dogs and Sticks

But now when it comes to dogs, why do we associate dogs with sticks? Throwing sticks for dogs to fetch. Small dogs picking up overly huge almost tree-like sticks making it quite humorous to see. But why exactly? Did a wolf one day see a stick and think – “WOW the humans would love this?!”

What is the purpose of carrying sticks and getting so damn adorably excited over it?

It has been suggested that dogs love to gather and chew sticks because they are similar in shape and size to bones, and we all know how dogs feel about bones! But there is some that disagree, as a bone would smell and taste in a certain way and sticks, well, they do not. Dogs are highly intelligent beings, they won’t be fooled by something that is simply a similar shape than their beloved treats.

But still, why sticks? Have you ever noticed that dogs are drawn to a stick like a magnet. Take a small puppy for example. The first time they get hold of a stick is the first time they probably learn to growl at you for trying to take it away!

Dogs naturally just has this built in instinct that sticks are toys and treats that they find all by themselves, maybe it is just their way of showing it off. Boasting with pride perhaps?

Well it could be something quite basic. You take your dog to the park only on weekends. The stick he picked up smells like the park and not your backyard, so they might want to take it home because they know it is days before they will get to the park again.

The stick might also be a natural way to get all the nasties out of their teeth. The texture of sticks can help dogs take care of their gums, as the wood is tough and hard, allowing them to chew on it and distract them from the pain. There are even certain types of wood like willow trees, which helps them ease their pain. Puppies, simply like to chew things. After all, what could be more fun than chewing AND destroying something at the same time? 

There are lots of theories and suggestions, but I think it is probably a combination of it all. Dogs go with sticks. That is the way of nature, and it can make for a fun and entertaining time.

Stay Curious! Stay Blessed!

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