Zoé’s ‘Lief hê’: A Sweet Serenade to Young Love

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Roll out the red carpet, because the sweet sound of the second symphony from singer and songwriter Zoé is taking South Africa by storm. Strap yourselves in, because this isn’t your run-of-the-mill break-up ballad. It’s a pure, youthful, exuberant celebration of love. The song is called “Lief hê” and it’s about that special moment when you trip, stumble, and fall headlong into love. It’s the blissful honeymoon period of a relationship when you believe the sun, moon, and stars only exist for your love.

“After the release of ‘Crazy Meisie’, I was thrown into a whirlwind of a new reality. The track played on several radio stations and garnered 18,000 views in under a month. Talk about an out-of-body experience!” Zoé exclaimed. It seems that “Crazy Meisie” was the key that unlocked her wildest dream—making a living through music.

While “Crazy Meisie” is a testament to the trials and tribulations of a break-up, “Lief hê” is its antithesis. In Zoé’s words, “I penned ‘Lief hê’ before ‘Crazy Meisie.’ It was the beginning of a love story, while ‘Crazy Meisie’ was the dramatic ending. My songs are inspired by my personal experiences. Where ‘Lief hê’ echoes the ecstasy of love, ‘Crazy Meisie’ is about the life lessons learnt in its aftermath.”

Zoé believes in writing about her experiences in an open and honest manner. It’s the equivalent of a musical therapy session for her. She shares, “Love, pain, and everything in between, we all feel it. It brings me joy if someone else can connect with what I write about, and if it helps brighten their day.”

The release of “Lief hê” was accompanied by a fresh music video featuring Pretoria rock band, Die Ramkat mafia. It was no mean feat shooting for two music videos in a day! Zoé giggles, “It was like being an athlete sprinting between takes for quick outfit changes. Despite battling a migraine, the energy on set pushed me forward.”

Our musical maven Zoé has formed a band with guitarist Mark Brown, bassist Grant Brown, and drummer Ruben Radyn. They’re preparing for a series of upcoming shows. “We’ll be playing Aardklop on October 5th and three other arts festivals at high schools before that. The young crowd’s energy is simply unmatched.”

Zoé also teases a forthcoming single, promising a completely different sound. “Lief hê” is available now on all streaming platforms, and its music video is out too. Brace yourselves, South Africa, Zoé is just getting started!

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