Catfluencers: Making Social Media Purr-fect

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When you think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is people who share their experiences in fashion, travel, food, and healthy living. However, there is a different kind of influencer that is making waves, namely ‘Catfluencers’ (That’s short for cat influencers for the uninitiated). Many of these ‘catfluencers’ are at least as popular as their human counterparts. While some have even gathered such a huge following that they have their own merchandise, following, and even their own agents to handle their PR.

One of the most famous cat influencers that you most likely have seen before is Grumpy Cat but what you might not have known is that her actual name was “Tardar sauce”. She became an internet celebrity cat with her unique facial appearance making her seem permanently grumpy, she was dubbed “Grumpy Cat”. As of August 23, 2020, Grumpy Cat had 8.3 million total likes on Facebook, 2.5 million followers on Instagram 1.5 million followers on Twitter, and 283,000 subscribers on YouTube.

However, Grumpy Cat is not the only famous cat on the interwebs. One of the most beloved has been Nala Cat. She has crystal blue eyes that can make anyone’s heart melt, but also a Guinness World Record holder. She holds the title of “Most Instagram followers for a cat”.

Nala has even worked with other major brands such as Google, Lyft, Stainmaster, and others while also creating her own premium cat food brand Love, Nala. Not too bad for an ex-shelter cat!

Being a Catfluencer, is not all about good looks, it’s also about personality and uniqueness. Take Venus, known as Venus the Two-Faced Cat as an example. Venus is an American tortoiseshell cat whose face is half black and half red tabby. Venus was also born with heterochromia which makes her right eye green and her left blue. Like her Instagram page says “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Being a social media icon, also means that sometimes you have to be a little more adventurous and outgoing. For that, Sukii Cat is the go-to Cat account where she explores nature with her pup friend.

Sukii is a 4-year-old Bengal cat from Alberta, Canada that travels all over the world with her owner Martina Gutfreund. Sukii’s Instagram account showcases what a well-travelled cat she is through beautiful photos of different scenery.

For anyone that might think, Social Media and being an influencer is more for the hipsters of our generation… well, meet Hamilton The Hipster Cat. Hamilton’s fame has soared over the last few years because of his unique hipster moustache look.

Hamilton used to be a feral cat, born and raised without any humans but now he has claimed fame as a very beloved Catfluencer.

Even though some might see all of this as being a little bit silly or a little bit too much to handle, the reality is cats are adorable. All kinds of cats. A little ball of fluff that can brighten up your day. It has become such a niche, that places like Catfluence exists show off certified catfluencers, so if the above was not enough for you… head over to meow for even more majestic kitty cats!


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