‘Skryf’: The Melodic Testament of Love by Thys Nortje

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In the heart of South Africa, a new star is emerging on the horizon, bringing with him a breath of fresh, contemporary air infused with the earthy tones of folk music. His name is Thys Nortje, the lad who’s turned the local music scene on its head with his debut single, “Skryf”.

Thys Nortje, better known as “the guy with the guitar”, has been strumming his way into the hearts of many, with his musical prowess and unique lyrical style. “Skryf”, his maiden venture, is not merely a song, but a melodic story, weaving together love and connection with an intimate look into the depths of human emotion.

The song resonates deeply with listeners, narrating the tale of a couple who, lost in the world, find solace in each other’s company. “So I write your name on my walls, these people may think we’re crazy, but you understand me” – Thys croons, his words a testament to the unspoken bond between two kindred spirits. The song’s an intimate ode to love and connection, a beautifully crafted narrative that’s as personal as it’s poetic.

Born in Pretoria, Thys Nortje is a farm boy at heart, having spent his formative years on a Free State farm. His love for music blossomed early on, kindled by a piano his mother bought for his sister when he was merely in grade 3. The keys may have been meant for his sister, but the music was meant for Thys. As time passed, he found his true calling in the strings of a guitar, weaving his own melodic stories into existence.

High school graduation saw Thys venturing into the world of computer engineering, but his heart was forever strumming to a different beat. His passion for music was rekindled when he crossed paths with the people of Vonk Musiek, courtesy of Jannie du Toit’s “Die Nuwe Baadjie” competition. This encounter served as a catalyst for Thys, encouraging him to chase his musical dreams with renewed fervour.

The result is his first EP, “Skryf”, a collection of Thys’ personal compositions, each carrying a piece of his heart. The recording sessions may have spanned only six days, but the lessons learned under Tertius Human’s guidance in the studio will last a lifetime.

“Skryf” is a testament to Thys’ lyrical genius and his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. His honest approach and sheer talent are what make him stand out as a promising artist in the music industry. Thys Nortje, through his latest single, invites us all to experience the power of love and connection, one note at a time.

So, let us tune in and let the guy with the guitar take us on a journey through his world, where words blend with music to create a symphony of emotions that speaks directly to our hearts.

Shaun Zietsman https://www.thesomethingguy.co.za

Blogger and Content Creator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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